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Taluca Park is located in the picturesque Southern Highlands, in the small town of Exeter. We are a family run farm on 140 acres on which we raise Berkshire pigs, free-range pasture raised egg laying Chickens and Angus Cattle. While farming is in our blood our passion for farming came about from a desire to eat quality, chemical free produce. 

Our business delivers pork, eggs and beef to retail outlets and restaurants across the Southern Highlands, Sydney and Wollongong. We run our business with transparent farming allowing our customers and chefs to see 100% of what we do. We believe in good relationships with our chefs and customers and the nose to tail approach to food. 


We offer farm tours to educate people on the importance of ethical, chemical free farming. Our love and passion for farming has made Talica Park our home and business. We look forward to having the opportunity to share this with everyone.  




Happy, Healthy Animals - Simple enough concept with a less than simple application. At Taluca Park we believe in grass first, wide open spaces and as little interference as possible to delivery the best results in everything we grow and raise on the farm. 


We believe our bio dynamic practices together with holistic management and the moving of animals to regenerate the landscape produces some of the best produce available. 

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